Paparazzi Care Instructions FAQ:

How To Make Your Paparazzi Jewelry Last Longer?

Tips to Keep Your Paparazzi Jewelry Looking New

Paparazzi jewelry is $5 jewelry. But, that doesn't mean you want your Paparazzi jewelry from turning into junk! With the proper Paparazzi care instructions you can make your jewelry last!

Here is how to care for your Paparazzi jewelry:

  1. Never sleep while wearing your jewelry. This could lead to a necklace or bracelet snagging. It also could lead to the necklace getting tangled in your hair. Ouch! You don't want that!
  2. Keep the jewelry dry. Do not shower while wearing the jewelry or store the Paparazzi jewelry in a place with high humidity, like close to the shower.
  3. Avoid using sprays such as perfume or hair spray while you are wearing the jewelry. You may use these products before you put on the pieces, it's just recommended to not put them on while wearing them.
  4. Do not exercise while wearing the jewelry. Again, you want to keep the jewelry from getting wet. You do not want to sweat in the jewelry.
  5. Avoid swimming in the jewelry. Chemicals in pools tarnish jewelry.         

**Keep it dry!**

Paparazzi jewelry should be the last thing you put on before going out and the first thing you take off after coming home. 

Paparazzi jewelry cleaning instructions are quite simple.

Clean your jewelry with a jewelry cleaning cloth or any other soft cloth. This will remove any lotions, perfumes, body oils, etc. 

Over time, this can damage your Paparazzi jewelry.

Does Paparazzi jewelry tarnish?

It can if not properly cared for. It will tarnish quickly if left in a humid area. 

Does the jewelry turn green?

Some Paparazzi rings may turn your finger green under certain conditions. This isn't because of the jewelry---it is because of chemical reactions between the acids in your skin. You can avoid this by coating the ring with clear nail polish so there is a barrier between the ring and your finger.

How should I store Paparazzi Jewelry?

You're probably wondering how to store Paparazzi jewelry when you are not wearing it. Some suggestions are necklace holders that allow the necklace to dangle freely. You can find earring organizers that you can put the earring through a mesh-like piece and hang your Paparazzi earrings. For bracelets you can get a bracelet bar at any craft store. And rings you can use a velvet ring organizer. 

I hope you have found these Paparazzi care instructions helpful in keeping your gorgeous jewelry looking brand new!