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  • Thomas and Jessie Knowles, BlingbyJessieK.com, Paparazzi Accessories Consultants

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    Welcome to our page! I'm Jessie Knowles & this is my Husband Thomas Knowles! I'm a mother, grandmother, & wife. I'm also a leader, mentor, & driven individual with an introverted-extrovert personality who embraces being perfectly imperfect. I'm delighted to introduce our team, the Unbreakable Bling Squad, which has been positively impacted by Paparazzi's products. If you are seeking eye-catching jewelry, rest assured that I have an assortment of bling that caters to your taste. Likewise, if you are interested in joining Paparazzi, I'm available & excited to impart my knowledge & experience in guiding you toward success with a company, that has changed many lives.
    I discovered Paparazzi in October 2017, initially viewing it as an opportunity to socialize & explore new interests. It wasn't long before I realized that I had found a business. Despite facing a challenging moment in my life after losing my job in early 2018 & struggling with depression, the Paparazzi business provided a source of motivation & direction. Additionally, when my husband lost his job a few months later, we found comfort in working together every day, thanks to the income from Paparazzi. Being part of Paparazzi brings me immense satisfaction, & I'd love to share more about my story in my Blog. If you're considering joining Paparazzi, I welcome you to my team, & can't wait to work with you, regardless of where you reside in the USA.
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