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Hello, Gorgeous Queens! 💎

Welcome to Bling by JessieK, where we believe that beauty isn't just what you see—it's what you feel when you walk into a room. We're not just selling jewelry; we're gifting you a dose of self-confidence wrapped in glitz and glamour.
I'm Jessie Knowles and with my husband Thomas Knowles, we are the unstoppable force behind this dazzling empire, and I can't wait to share my passion with you.


The Faces of Bling by JessieK
Thomas & Jessie Knowles
blingbyjessiek.com Paparazzi Jewelry


Who Are We?

Think of us as your personal stylists, your confidantes, your go-to source for all things fabulous! With Paparazzi accessories, we're here to sprinkle a little razzle-dazzle into your life. When you put on a piece from our $5.00 jewelry line, you won't just see the high quality; you'll feel it resonating in every part of your being.
Why settle for mundane when you can have exceptional? With our trendy and affordable collection, your inner diva will sing, "Oh honey, this is ME!"


Why Choose Us?

  • Affordable, Darling: We get it. Beauty shouldn't break the bank. Our affordable pieces mean you can go from "maybe" to "must-have" without a second thought.
  • Quality is Queen: Cheap? Never heard of her. While our prices are low, our standards are skyscraper high.
  • Fashion-Forward: Forget last season. We're all about the here and now, and we promise you'll always find something that's so 'you.'


    Our Philosophy

    You might wonder, "Why jewelry?" But darlings, jewelry isn't just an accessory; it's an extension of you. When you adorn yourself with a piece from Bling by JessieK, you're making a statement that you're as unique and precious as each gem and sparkle we offer.


    Our Promise

    Fashion is fleeting, but style is forever. And we're committed to ensuring you're forever fabulous. I've spent years building this business, not just to make a profit, but to change lives—one stunning piece at a time.


    Join the Revolution

    We're not just building a brand; we're building a community. Whether you're a college grad or a grandma, our circle has a spot saved just for you. Ready to shine brighter than you ever thought possible? Your journey to unapologetic beauty starts here.


    So, dive right in, darling—explore, express, and embellish. We're so thrilled to be part of your style journey.


    Unleash your sparkle with Bling by JessieK.


    With love and bling,
    Jessie Knowles 🌟

    Come on, what are you waiting for? There are no excuses not to elevate your style today. Discover the world of Bling by JessieK and never look back. Because, darling, you were born to shine. ✨

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    Paparazzi News - Premiere Now Available

    From the moment Paparazzi Premiere was announced on stage at GLOW, there has been palpable excitement in the air. Consultants have been eager to get access to this game-changing business accessory — and for good reason!
    Paparazzi Premiere streamlines the process of getting the irresistible accessories you have in your inventory to those who crave them. This new hub will relieve the stress of navigating multiple programs in order to fulfill your customers’ orders, by seamlessly integrating processes for inventory management, invoicing, and shipping.
    Paparazzi Premiere integrates with your Back Office, letting you import inventory from your order history with the click of a button. It also allows you to create your own virtual storefront, where customers can shop your personal inventory. Need to generate invoices from your last party? You can do that — and collect payment — all within Paparazzi Premiere.
    We hope you’re ready for your debut, because the wait is over!


    Welcome to Paparazzi Premiere:

    Let's Get Started!


    Simplify your business with just a few steps: 

    1.Click Get Started on the dashboard

    2. Download the App:

    3. Get set up using the Premiere Training Library or
    Follow this step-by-step guide

    Paparazzi News - Premiere Now Available

    How to buy at Wholesale

    Learn how to buy paparazzi jewelry at wholesale and sell at retail. 

    Discover the magic of Paparazzi:

    Where earning 35% - 45% commission on your accessory sales is as simple as hosting a party!

    • Choose your Starter Kit, decide on a location for your Launch Party, and invite your friends to unlock limitless earning potential.
    • We have new styles arriving every day, you can effortlessly replenish your collection with the hottest trends that'll have your customers swooning.
    • Keep the party going as often as you desire; the more you sell, the more you'll earn.

    Take the leap and experience the remarkable power of Paparazzi!



    Bling by JessieK Online Jewelry Store Featuring Paparazzi Accessories Affordable | Trendy | Fashionable Jewelry | We have everything from Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets and Rings Affordable Jewelry for Women & Men. "Jessie" Justina Knowles Independent Consultant 110203 Paparazzi Jewelry is Lead/Nickel/Cadmium Compliant

    5 Reasons Why?


    There are 5 reasons why joining Paparazzi rocks. I call it a no-brainer; and actually one of the main reasons why I decided to give the jewelry business a go.

    1. The product! Women love cute $5 jewelry. It sells itself. There is no pressure, no guilt and no remorse in buying it.  Cash and carry rocks at parties and events. Customers can try it on and take the product home that night.  (no waiting or deliveries).  Or customers can order online.  People will host parties because they know their friends will love it and buy it. We have products for little girls, tweens, teens, adults and grandmas and even a little for men:)  It is a great impulse buy!  Facebook parties rock with this product too!
    2. The company is GROWING. There is a lot of opportunity to sell the product, host parties, grow a team and to build a business. It is not saturated. Many people have never heard of it and have never been to a party before:)
    3. High commission. You earn 45% commission on sales and more when building a team.
    4. When you join this team, you get lots of support. We have Facebook groups, weekly phone trainings, blogs, document sharing, newsletters, challenges, incentives, phone opportunity nights and more.
    5. AND if you don't want to "sell," you can join Paparazzi to get everything you want at wholesale prices. That's right! Every piece will only cost you $2.75. Plus you can get inexpensive gifts for birthdays, babies and holidays! Let your friends and family buy some of your jewelry and pay for your $5 habit :) There is also an awesome monthly "Fashion Fix" auto-ship option that you would love!

    How to Sell Paparazzi Jewelry?

    How To Sell Paparazzi Jewelry?


    How To Sell Paparazzi Jewelry?

    Each of our Starter Kits were carefully designed with the success of the newest Consultant in mind. Packed with marketing materials, business tools, and fabulous $5 jewelry, our Starter Kits have everything you need to start changing the world $5 at a time - and they're only available to our new Consultants as their initial purchase!

    Bling by JessieK Paparazzi Accessories | Online Jewelry Boutique | Consultant Jessie Knowles # 110203