Collection: Life of the Party Exclusives

More about the LIfe of the Party Exclusives:

The Life of the Party initiative is designed to put the spotlight on our standout Consultants—the ones who live and breathe the Paparazzi pink lifestyle. These hustlers can't help but spread the $5 bling love, leaving a glitter trail in their wake. They're not just selling accessories; they're building their own retail dynasties by seizing every opportunity to party for profit. Watch their eyes ignite as they evangelize their Paparazzi passion to anyone willing to listen. They don't just enjoy the ride; they're the fuel.

Paparazzi Jewelry is $5.00; Lead/Nickel/Cadmium Compliant under the consumer safety laws and regulations in the United States, including California's Proposition 65.

Life of the Party Exclusives - Paparazzi Accessories - Bling by JessieK