Let's Bling in the Season with a Bang!

Let's Bling in the Season with a Bang! - Jessie Knowles - Bling by JessieK

November Special:                      Customer Apperception Month


Let's Bling in the Season with a Bang!

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Hello, Gorgeous Gems! It's Jessie Knowles at the helm of Bling by JessieK, your online treasure trove for accessories that don't just accentuate your outfit but celebrate your individuality.

**A Shimmery Token of Thanks!**

November is when we give thanks, and I'm turning the tables to thank YOU, my fabulous customers. How? With a sparkle, of course! This isn’t just another "thank you" note; it’s a tangible shimmer of gratitude.

Shop with Jessie Knowles on Paparazzi Accessories

**Meet "Generous Gallery" - Your Free Necklace!**

Make an online splash of $35 or more on our Paparazzi Replicated site – PaparazziAccessories.com/BlingbyJessieK, and I'm gifting you more than just a piece of jewelry – I'm gifting you a masterpiece. The "Generous Gallery" necklace isn't just named for its size; it's a grand gesture of appreciation, featuring a pendant that dangles with poise, encrusted with gems that capture every flicker of light.

Shop with Jessie Knowles on Paparazzi Accessories

**Here's How to Bedazzle Your Neckline:**

Your path to this free piece of fabulousness is a breeze. Fill your cart with $35 or more of our stunning selections, and the Generous Gallery is automatically yours. And the best part? It ships directly from our corporate warehouse, ensuring that your bling arrives swiftly and safely, ready to turn heads and start conversations.

**Mark It on Your Calendar:**

From the first of November to the last glittering moment before December strikes, your purchases will be our pleasure to enhance. And with every order shipped straight from the Paparazzi warehouse, consider this your express pass to elegance.

**Why Wait? Let the Bling Fest Begin!**

No need to pinch yourself; this is as real as the sparkle on your ring finger. Dash over to PaparazziAccessories.com/BlingbyJessieK and let the celebration of appreciation begin. It's time to make this November a month of unforgettable glitz and gratitude.

After all, life is too short for lackluster accessories. So, let's make every moment count with pieces that speak louder than words.

Ready, set, sparkle! Your next statement piece awaits. 🎉


Jessie Knowles – Because every day is an opportunity to shine brighter!*



Terms & Conditions:

Free gift available while supplies last. Limit of one free gift per qualifying order.
Qualifying orders must be placed through the online retail shopping cart at shop.paparazziaccessories.com or entered via the Party Dashboard in the Back Office between 12:00 AM ET on November 1, 2023, and 11:59 PM ET on November 30, 2023. Order total of $35 must be reached before applicable taxes or shipping fees. Orders cannot be combined to qualify.
Free gift is only available to retail customers. Consultant orders will not qualify. 
Free gift does not carry any PV and will not generate retail profit. Exclusive free gift is not available for purchase.
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