Who are Thomas & Jessie Knowles?

Thomas and I have been married and together since 2002, as a combined family we have four amazing kids, (All now adults). We have been blessed to be grandparents of the one and ONLY QueenB, (Miss Breia). Our hobbies and passion is simple we love our family. Thomas is very musical and loves to play guitar as I love the art of photography. 

Thomas and myself have always been hard working people doing the best we can to provide and take care of our family. We started our lives together in Texas where we had a small family owed and operated construction business as well as both working full time jobs. Living life paying bills, raising kids, you know the NORMAL suburbia life. Then the recession of 2007, hit we lost our business and our home.


We both have a extensive background, Thomas has been in the construction field and leadership role his entire career. As for myself, I have a Bachelor degree in business management/marketing, and have many years of experience with restaurant and retail management as well as running our fence business and helping with the start up of other businesses. 

In the past I had dabbled in a few direct self opportunity never being able to find that one that I was truly passionate about. When I found Paparazzi or more like when Paparazzi found me, I never new I would have so much passion or have so much love for one thing. Little did I know this was about to change our entire life and lead us on a entirely new journey.

Paparazzi started out as a hobby something fun Breia and I could do together. I remember the day like yesterday, (October 26, 2017). The day I decided to invest in the start kit. The day $99 changed OUR Life!  See Thomas and I had talked about it, it all made since $5, jewelry that looked fabulous the quality was out of this world. And with that price point and the profit margin of 45%, it just all made since. Even though I didn't set out for this to become our full time business. As the business we have always wanted to start was not jewelry. We actually wanted to start our own restaurant or food truck. This was just a hobby just for fun, We both had a full time job, and for once in our lives we was making decent money.

Then it all changed.... 


Stay tuned for more about our journey.

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