2021 Summer Pack

Item #SPP21
Each Summer Party Pack includes one of the following:

“Keep Them in Suspense – Gold”

“With All DEW Respect – Blue”

“Tidal Tassels – Green”

“Ethereal Romance – Orange”

“Prismatic Prima Donna – Yellow”

“Butterfly Prairies – Copper”

“Call Me Old-Fashioned – White”

“Belongs In The Wild – Multi”

“Iceberg Ahead – Purple”

The Charisma Collector – White”

It’s summertime and after a year of social distancing, we’re more than ready to soak up some sun and focus on the future! So grab your friends and neighbors, toss your sunblock in your bag, and slide on your flip-flops, because we’re gearing up for a summer to remember! It’s time to show the world that even though you may not have seen each other in a while, your sparkle has never been brighter.

And what better way to make the world a brighter place than with a FREE Summer Party Pack! Loaded with 10 assorted accessories, the exclusive Summer Party Pack is the perfect way to dazzle your way back from quarantine mode – and only those who qualify will receive one!

Throughout the month of July, when consultants place an order of 150 PV or more, they receive a Summer Party Pack for FREE! That’s 10 extra accessories absolutely FREE!

Even our newest Consultants can turn up the heat, because we’re including ONE Summer Party Pack in every Small Home Party Starter Kit ($299) and TWO Summer Party Packs in every Large Home Party Starter Kit ($499) purchased during the month of July. If there was ever a perfect time to join Paparazzi, NOW would be it!

Is it just us, or is summertime better with a little BLING?


Free Summer Party Pack only available while supplies last. Order of 150 PV must be on one single order placed between 12:00 AM ET on July 1, 2021, and 11:59 PM ET on July 31, 2021. Orders cannot be combined to qualify. Orders exceeding 150 PV will not qualify for multiple Summer Party Packs. For example, an order of 300 PV will not qualify for a second Summer Party Pack. However, additional orders of 150 PV each can be placed throughout the month to receive additional Summer Party Packs while supplies last. Available to Consultants only. Customer/Retail orders do not qualify. If Consultants choose to sell the free accessories in the Summer Party Pack, they should contact their accountant or tax professional concerning the sales/use tax laws in their state.

2021 Summer Pack